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Social Emotional Learning in Schools and Music Education: Implications for Music Education

Research to draw explicit connections between SEL and music education

Research Article

Long-term musical group interaction has a positive influence on empathy in children

Research to support that group music making supports social skills such as empathy

Research Article

Joint Music Making Promotes Prosocial Behavior in 4-year-old Children

Research to support that music making supports social emotional growth

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Supports for Social Emotional Learning in Schools

Survey results of teacher perceptions of SEL interventions


Promoting Positive Youth Development Through School-based Social and Emotional Learning Interventions: A Meta-analysis of Follow-up Effects

An overview of 82 research studies on the effects of SEL in schools


The Impact of Enhancing Students’ Social Emotional Learning: A Meta-Analysis of School-based Universal Interventions

An overview of research conducted on the effectiveness of SEL interventions


2019 SEL Exchange: Building a Culture of Equity Through SEL

Explores how SEL can address issues such as privilege, power, race, social justice, and community, and help build a new system of schooling that serves all children

Research Article

Music Teacher Educator Perspectives on Social Justice

“This survey sought to investigate the perspectives of music teacher educators with regard to social justice, music education, and music teacher education.”


A Reintroduction to SEL: CASEL’s Definition and Framework

A Reintroduction to SEL: CASEL’s Definition and Framework

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