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Research Article

Music, empathy and cultural understanding

This review critically discusses a considerable body of research and scholarship, across disciplines


Society for Music Teacher Education SEL Position Statement

A position statement stressing the importance of SEL in music teacher education


Music education and Social Emotional Learning

Articulates how policy can support music education and SEL


Advocating for Music Education through SEL

Articulates why SEL is a strong argument for SEL


Social Emotional Learning in the Performing Arts Classroom

Article articulating how SEL can be embedded into instructional choices


Teaching SEL Through Music

Website and video series drawing connections between SEL and Music Education


The Empathy Project: Accentuating the Inherent SEL Component of Music Education

Article exploring how SEL can be made intentional in the music classroom


Music Education and Social Emotional Learning: Now More than Ever

Webinar exploring music education and SEL during COVID-19


Teaching Social Emotional Learning Through Music

Interview with Dr. Scott Edgar exploring SEL and music education

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