Heart of the Arts Archive

The Heart of the Arts

Collection One: Artistic SEL Foundations

These collective works illuminate key findings about Artistic SEL:

  • Artistic SEL deepens and enhances arts education processes and products;
  • Artistic SEL provides tools to deepen connections between educators and students to activate creative
  • learning experiences that center identity, agency, and belonging;
  • Artistic SEL is not a prescribed curriculum; and
  • Artistic SEL must be organically embedded into arts education practices.

ArtsEdSEL: Centralizing Social Emotional Learning Within the Arts

Identity, Belonging, and Agency: Reframing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Arts Education

Planning Artistic Social Emotional Learning: Embedded, Intentional, Sustained

Utilizing the Framework for Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning

Embedding the Framework for Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning

On the Road Again: Using the Arts as a Vehicle for Students’ Social Emotional Learning

Cultivating Student Empowerment Through Artistic SEL

Brave Spaces: How to Empower Staff and Students via SEL and a Trauma-Informed Approach

How Do We Operationalize Artistic-SEL? Utilizing the STAY Framework for Embedded, Intentional and Sustained Social and Emotional Learning

Teaching How We Were Taught: Student Perspectives of SEL in Arts Teacher Preparation Programs

Measuring Artistic-SEL Closing the Gap Between Awareness and Meaningful Application

Arts Teacher as Reflective Practitioner for Personal SEL Growth

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