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Research Article

Setting the Stage for Social Emotional Learning Policy and the Arts

Research article grounding arts education and SEL Policy


Improv Superpowers

Website linking improvisation to SEL


Fostering Social Emotional Learning In and Through the Arts

Resources to explore the intersection between SEL and Arts Education

Research Article

Music Education and Social Emotional Learning:Research Applications for the Classroom

Research article describing SEL implemention in music classrooms

Research Article

Introducing Social Emotional Learning to Music Education Professional Development

Research article suggesting models for SEL/music education professional development

Research Article

Social Emotional Learning in Schools and Music Education: Implications for Music Education

Research to draw explicit connections between SEL and music education

Research Article

Long-term musical group interaction has a positive influence on empathy in children

Research to support that group music making supports social skills such as empathy

Research Article

Joint Music Making Promotes Prosocial Behavior in 4-year-old Children

Research to support that music making supports social emotional growth

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