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Research Article

Music, empathy and cultural understanding

This review critically discusses a considerable body of research and scholarship, across disciplines


CASEL Releases New Definition of SEL: What You Need to Know

“A summary of the updates to CASEL’s definitions of social-emotional learning (SEL). Learn what changed, why it matters, and what it means for your school or district”


2019 SEL Exchange: Building a Culture of Equity Through SEL

Explores how SEL can address issues such as privilege, power, race, social justice, and community, and help build a new system of schooling that serves all children

Research Article

Music Teacher Educator Perspectives on Social Justice

“This survey sought to investigate the perspectives of music teacher educators with regard to social justice, music education, and music teacher education.”


Conversations in Social Emotional Learning

This episode focuses on encountering resistance and leaning into the creative arts & SEL with Dave Adams


A Reintroduction to SEL: CASEL’s Definition and Framework

A Reintroduction to SEL: CASEL’s Definition and Framework

Research Article

Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Toward SEL in Service of Educational Equity and Excellence

Social Emotional Learning anchored in the notion of justice-oriented citizenship


Equity & Social and Emotional Learning: A Cultural Analysis

“This brief is part CASEL’s efforts to analyze, revise, and supplement what is known about SEL to foster the development of citizens who contribute to an increasingly interconnected diverse global community”


Advancing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as a Lever for Equity and Excellence

An Emerging Insights report by CASEL’s Equity Work Group

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