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Following the completion of the Arts Education & Social Emotional Learning Framework in 2020, and building upon nearly two decades of collective impact work, Arts Ed NJ launched this national initiative in 2021, which will positively impact the entire educational landscape.

The Center for Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning (ArtsEdSEL) builds capacity to facilitate arts education enriched by SEL, and fosters a new vision for SEL within the context of artistic works. This is accomplished by elevating the lived experience, voices, and cultural assets of PreK-16 students through the development of exemplary arts education practices and approaches, designed to activate the SEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making through the artistic processes of create, perform, respond, and connect. ArtsEdSEL supports practices related to development of student artists’ IDENTITY, BELONGING, and AGENCY through the arts.

By shaping curriculum, supporting teacher practice, and furthering the arts education and social emotional learning research agenda, ArtsEdSEL builds capacity for high-quality arts education, grounded in culturally- responsive, relevant, and sustaining practices that will embrace the needs of diverse student populations.


The Center for Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning (ArtsEdSEL) is dedicated to illuminating the intersection between arts education and social emotional learning to facilitate the embedded, intentional, and sustained application of SEL-informed arts education.


As a program of Arts Ed NJ, the Center for Arts Education and Social Emotional Learning stands firm in its commitment to equity. Arts Ed NJ denounces racism, injustice, discrimination, and bigotry. We stand in solidarity with our black friends, colleagues, artists, partners, teachers and communities.

Arts Ed NJ was built on a foundation of collaboration and inclusion, to present a unified voice that serves to amplify the value and importance of arts education. We believe that arts education should be universally accessible to ALL students. We know that arts education nurtures an understanding of the arts, culture and heritage, and promotes respect for cultural diversity.

We will continue to work together with our creative community to elevate arts education, to guide culturally- responsive curricula and social emotional learning that can eradicate racism in our schools. We believe this can be accomplished with open communication among a broad group of diverse partners, who demonstrate a commitment to collective impact through our shared work

We are here to listen and to support you. Together, we can highlight the healing powers of creativity, inclusion, and collaboration for a more equitable New Jersey.

Posted in News on March, 2021

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