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Research Article

Social Emotional Learning and the National Core Arts Standards: a cross-disciplinary analysis of policy and practice

Research article analyzing intersections between the National Core Arts Standards and SEL

Research Article

Setting the Stage for Social Emotional Learning Policy and the Arts

Research article grounding arts education and SEL Policy

Research Article

Local level implementation of Social Emotional Learning in Arts Education: Moving the Heart Through the Arts

Research article exploring how SEL is currently embedded in varied arts contexts

Research Article

Every Student Succeeds Act and Social Emotional Learning: Opportunities and Considerations for P-12 Arts Educators

Research article exploring intersections and funding considerations related to arts education and ESSA

Research Article

A Vision for Social Emotional Learning and Arts Education Policy

Research article envisioning the future of SEL and arts education

Web Article

Social and Emotional Learning and Arts Education

Articulates connections between VPA student learning standards and SEL competencies


The Synergy of Arts Education and Social-Emotional Learning

This brief articulates ways to integrate SEL into VPA student learning standards

Research Article

Music Education and Social Emotional Learning:Research Applications for the Classroom

Research article describing SEL implemention in music classrooms

Research Article

Introducing Social Emotional Learning to Music Education Professional Development

Research article suggesting models for SEL/music education professional development

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