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Research Article

Music, empathy and cultural understanding

This review critically discusses a considerable body of research and scholarship, across disciplines


CASEL Releases New Definition of SEL: What You Need to Know

“A summary of the updates to CASEL’s definitions of social-emotional learning (SEL). Learn what changed, why it matters, and what it means for your school or district”


Social and Emotional Learning and Teachers

Looks at teachers’ social-emotional competence, and how to help create the kind of classroom environment that promotes students’ SEL

Research Article

Infusing Social Emotional Learning into the Teacher Education Curriculum

Social Emotional Learning content in teacher preparation programs



A National Scan of Teacher Preparation and Social & Emotional Learning

Research Article

School Climate: Research, Policy, Practice, and Teacher Education

Social Emotional Learning within the context of school climate

Research Article

Mindfulness-based SEL programming to increase preservice teachers’ mindfulness and emotional competence

Research article investigating mindfulness-based practice.

Research Article

Towards a collaborative approach to measuring social emotional learning in the arts

Research article contextualizing assessment and measurment of SEL in arts education

Research Article

Social Emotional Learning in Arts Teacher Education Policy: A Content Analysis of Assurance Standards and Course Descriptions

Research article exploring how SEL is currently embedded in arts teacher education programs

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